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How do we work?
   If there is a word that qualifies Ebanistería y Carpintería Limoral it is perfection. Wood is a living material, with the passage of time it changes of appearance, shape and dimensions. It is therefore necessary that before being worked it is sufficiently and naturally seasoned. In order to obtain this we have a vertical storage structure for drying and stabilizing. In this way we ensure that the finished work will be much more durable and stable.

   We are a company that takes  care of  both visible and hidden details. And by doing so  our products become unique works, capable of lasting over time.

   When dealing with the customer  we use the information he/she provides to offer the best solution for his/her commission. We  will go to the place where the work is going to be executed, make pictures and take measurements in order to draw a sketch. Next we present a budget and then proceed to the execution of the project.


Mudejar tracery frame